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Business strategy and insight
Let’s meet and have a cup of coffee (in-person or virtually). And talk about your idea, vision, business or product. You have questions. We have answers. We will talk about your immediate needs, short-term and long-terms goals, and anything else related to the technical development of your product. You will walk away with valuable business advice. It may be business strategy, technological advice, or next steps, depending on your needs and where you stand with your business.

You are about to embark on a long and risky journey. We can help you minimize and mitigate the risks in just couple of hours. Don’t miss this opportunity.

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Product Guidance

Product guidance service is best suited for companies that are about to hire an agency to develop their product. There are a number of things that have to be done before an agency starts product development. We will help you analyze development costs and give you a recommendation on cost savings. Your costs depend on the technological stack your choose, the amount of money you pay to the agency, and the scope of development. Rather than ending up being ripped off by an agency, you can use our expertise to optimize your costs and make sure an agency delivers. We will help you to choose the right agency, shape your product (build product architecture and roadmap), and prepare it to be handed over to an agency. We will mentor you on how to stay on top of things with an agency. We can also monitor project execution as your trusted representative (offered as separate service).

CTO as a Service

This service is for companies that are about to start development of their product in-house, or already started the development and need some help improving the development process, or moving their product development from agency to in-house development. Instead of hiring a full time CTO (which will cost your business about $200K yearly) you can use our expertise for a fraction of the cost. “CTO as a Service” is a flexible arrangement (hire us for as many hours per week as you need) that offers you help in the following areas: analyzing your product and defining the best strategy moving forward; defining hiring strategy, and building or growing your development team; building and optimizing processes that will allow you to move forward more efficiently; establishing the best development practices.

You have questions, we have answers. What are you waiting for?

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Strategic and Tactical CTO Expertise on Demand

Our retainer agreement entitles you to unlimited access to our team via phone, email, and IM
All messages will be returned no later than the next business day
Meetings are scheduled in advance, typically take place over the phone, and are sometimes supplemented with online meeting and/or screen sharing software (e.g. Zoom, Slack, Hangouts, etc )
In certain cases, on-site meetings with you and/or your team may be applicable

There are eight possible areas of involvement:
1. Participation in an initial in-depth, in-person meeting to define long-term business goals, stages of product development and organizational challenges
2. Regular meetings with a primary contact to discuss strategy, longer-term issues, and business goals
3. Strategic and tactical liaison between you and contract workers and agencies to ensure proper technical and strategic execution
4. If you are working with an in-house team, help establishing and improving best development practices and processes
5. Periodic review and alignment of the product roadmap with your current business situation
6. Periodic technological product reviews and help making strategic technological decisions
7. Periodic competitive analysis and market insight, and strategic response
8. Situational responsiveness to needs that arise that you feel may require our expertise and intervention.

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