Do you want to minimize your risks of technical product development?

Yes, I need help with my product

Who is This For

  • Non-technical founders who are about to embark on their journey or are at the beginning of technical product development
  • Founders who already spent money and resources and were “burned” by the not-so-simple world of technical product development
  • Startups who already have a product and want to move to the next stage

How Can We Help You

We provide CTO services on a part-time (fractional CTO) or a full-time basis (Interim CTO).

  • If you are working with an agency - keep ‘em honest
  • Make sure costs and time frames are adequate
  • Make sure they are qualified to build your product
  • Monitor project execution as your trusted representative
  • Mentor you on how to stay on top of things with an agency
  • Translate your idea and business goals into technical needs
  • Advise on technological stack necessary to build your product
  • Create development plan (roadmap)
  • Analyze costs and recommend cost savings
  • Help hire the right talent for your company

What Will Your Money Get You

  • Coffee time - two hour advisory meeting
  • CTO services:
    • We will be your representative if you work with an agency
    • We will create your roadmap, help you decide what technologies to use to build your product, and build your development team, practices, and processes if you decide to build you product in-house, so that your product suits your business needs
  • Retainer - “all inclusive” access to our team. If you have a concern or a problem with your product development, our team will help you solve it

Why Us

Our CTOs are knowledgeable, experienced, and competent to assess the situation and recommend a course of action at any stage of engagement or development. They will represent your best interests, will make sure that what you pay for is what you need built, and that it is built the right way.

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